Posted on Wednesday 13th March 2013


European Exhibition Industry Alliance

March, 2013: A visual identity has been developed for the Brussels work of the European Exhibition Industry Alliance. The newly created logo symbolises the unity of the Alliance as well as the many facets of the exhibition industry. Both the logo and the typeface used in the Alliance name express clarity, legibility, stability, and security aligned with elegance. EMECA and UFI committees welcomed this design. This visual identity will carry our messages to our stakeholders to EU institutions.

While working on the visual identity of the Alliance, Barbara Weizsäcker, EEIA Secretary General, also developed appropriate industry messages and began the introduction of the new body to existing EU-contacts, drawing on shared UFI/AUMA resources. In January, Weizsäcker was invited to the AUMA Brussels Round Table, where she presented the aims and tasks of the Alliance. This was an occasion for networking with AUMA Members and Brussels stakeholders and multipliers.

Weizsäcker reports that many Brussels stakeholders react with positive interest to the fact that the exhibition industry is now better represented in Brussels and has a common voice to address the EU institutions.

The first aim of the Alliance is to explain the functioning, role and impact of the exhibition industry in Europe and worldwide and to achieve a greater level of interest, appreciation and positive understanding of our business among concerned stakeholders. As soon as the Alliance’s website is set up, promotion in Brussels will be intensified and supported by industry facts and figures available in different formats. More specific items and advocacy issues will be addressed at a later stage.

In the current economic situation the exhibition industry can strengthen and boost chances for companies and the economy in general. These assets need to be perceived and supported by those who define the operating rules and the business environment in Europe. 

Press and media contact:
Barbara Weizsäcker
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March 13, 2013