America Latina Invest

America Latina Invest is an initiative to support the development of economic relationships between Latin America and Europe and a the internationalisation of SMEs.

Since 1994, AL-INVEST has been a flagship programme of EU cooperation with Latin America. The programme promotes inclusive growth and aims at creating opportunities through facilitating the internationalisation of thousands of Latin American small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in collaboration with their European partners.

Check out the history and current activities of AL-Invest here.

The AL-Invest IV European Services Consortium was managed by Eurochambres, EMECA, GIZ and other partners. Among other services, AL-Invest enables small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from Latin America to exhibit at major European exhibitions.

The total investment of AL-Invest IV was 62 million euros, of which 50 million euros was funded direct by the European Commission. More than 87,000 SMEs from Latin America have taken part in AL-Invest IV activities.

The AL-Invest IV programme ran from 2009 to 2013. Find all activities and follow-up action here.

AL Invest IV Leaflet