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EMECA exhibitions deliver sound performance - between records and tough times

Posted on Thursday 24th October 2013
Innovation, internationalisation and digitalization are key to future success Digital Working Group started EMECA broadens its membership: Poznan International Fair (Poland) new member from 2014
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Interview Digital Business

Posted on Thursday 18th July 2013
Barbara Millucci, Corriere della Sera/Corriere Economia, interviews Kai Hattendorf, Head of EMECA Digital Business Working Group
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Obermatt Gold Pin for MCH Group CEO René Kamm

Posted on Friday 21st June 2013
International financial research company, Obermatt, is awarding René Kamm, CEO of the MCH Group, an Obermatt Gold Pin as "CEO of the year" in Switzerland.
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EMECA exhibition companies strengthen their leading position

Posted on Tuesday 14th May 2013
Investments in technology, services and innovation deliver positive results for 2012 and account for a stable outlook for 2013
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Posted on Wednesday 13th March 2013
A visual identity has been developed for the Brussels work of the European Exhibition Industry Alliance. The newly created logo
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