EMECA EU Working Group met in Barcelona

Posted on Wednesday 23rd September 2015

The EMECA European Union Working Group, led by David Boon as EMECA Vice President EU Relations, met on 18 September 2015 at Fira Barcelona to present latest EU developments and legislation relevant to the exhibition sector. Thanks to the agreement between UFI and EMECA to form the European Exhibition Industry Alliance, Rowena Arzt took part in this meeting as a guest, fostering direct links and exchange between the UFI European Chapter and the EMECA EU WG.

This time, the group discussed upcoming rules for Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms, the Small Claims Procedure, the Posted Workers Directive and Data Protection Regulation, as well as legal questions related to digital offerings. In the field of Intellectual Property Rights, or IPR, new legislation for trademarks is in the pipeline making, with changes including the definition of imported goods or goods in transit, which is particularly relevant to exhibitors from abroad. EEIA and EMECA have contributed to the revision of the Design legislation, arguing for the recognition of Exhibition Priority Certificates and supporting Polish colleagues in their demand to reinstall exhibition priority in their national legislation. Furthermore, Barbara Weizsäcker informed the working group about open public consultations and funding possibilities.