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EEIA publishes new Position Paper co-signed by EMECA, UFI, EVVC, IELA, IFES, LiveCom Alliance

Posted on Friday 24th April 2020
The paper is highliting the importance of exhibitions and events for economic recovery after COVID-19 shutdown.
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EEIA releases report of EU and govt. measures to mitigate Covid-19 crisis

Posted on Tuesday 31st March 2020
Report shows EU and national governments’ support for businesses and the economy in general. It also covers action taken by the exhibition industry to provide support to communities through the COVID-19 crisis.
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EMECA Statement on the novel Corona Virus outbreak

Posted on Monday 17th February 2020
EMECA President Maurits van der Sluis and EMECA Secretary General Barbara Weizsäcker on the outbreak of the novel Corona virus
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